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Sushi Calculator / Flexical

Model No. AY102




The Egyptians invented the papyrus and the Chinese the bamboo scroll; both with a view for ease of carrying and storage. This is the first calculator in the world, which can be rolled up in such a way.
Patented design
Size: W100 x H135 x D17mm
Dual power (Solar and button cells)
2001 HK- Japan Business Networking Forum on Gift & House ware - Best Product Design Award
1994 Chartered Society of Designer Award - Excellence in Consumer Product
1994 Hong Kong Designers Association " Design 94 Show " - Gold Award
1994 7th HK Gift & House ware Design Competition (HKTDC) - 1st Runner-up
1992 5th HK Electronics Design Competition (HKTDC) - 2nd Runner-up
1992 6th Stationery Design Competition - Best VIP Premium Award
Museum Collections
British Design Museum - London
Korea Design Centre
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Japan Tsubame-Sanjo Research Core

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